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I started training dogs over 25 years ago with my first dog, a German Shepherd- Muhtar who taught me many things over the 10 yrs that he was in our home. I trained him in obedience, agility, and any tricks I could think of. He truly was my best friend and he built a passion in me that would later lead to helping others. 

As a young adult, I moved to Israel and started to work at “Beit Erez” kennel. It was the perfect opportunity to practice my "training skills". During this time I was able to handle many dog breeds with varying temperaments. I was also working with army dogs- training and testing them.

After moving to Canada,  in 2006, I bought a German Shepherd- Picasso and joined a Schutzhund club. The sport fascinated me, and by the aged of three, Picasso earned multiple SchH 3 and FH1 titles.

In 2008, I met Thomas Lapp and made arrangements to have a puppy from his breeding. I became a Training Director of Club Schutzhund Rive Sud (Montreal) where I was training my own dogs.  Following titles were achieved in 2011-2013 by people who trained with me:  8x BH, 3x IPO1, 2x IPO2


I work closely with various Police K9 departments, preparing and testing dogs for them.

In 2010, a German Shepherd “Chac” was sold to Surete du Quebec, where he works today. Chac and his handler were training with me for 18 months prior to becoming a police K9

In 2013, I rescued a Belgian Malinois “Jagger” from the shelter, evaluated him and placed with Rutland PD, where he graduated from the drug program and soon will start his Patrol school.


Currently, I  have two dogs- Crash von den Wolfen and Xtreame vom Felsenshloss. Crash is my sport dog and with Xtreame, we started SAR training with Calgary Search Dogs Association.



My vision is to help reduce irresponsible breeding practices and ownership through owner education. I endeavor to improve the lives of dogs through positive training and raise their standard of living by offering healthy foods, appropriate toys, training tools and education about accident and injury prevention.

I promote fun activities between dogs and owners that lead to successful relationships based on mutual respect. I use leadership methods, focusing on the owners/dogs needs. Allowing the dog to think, make choices and put their natural instincts to use is crucial in order to learn a new behavior. 

Please contact me with any questions or comments you may have